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About Q

Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I am a designer, artist and mom living in NC. For many years I had a career in graphic design full time and freelance. I even co-owned a design business with my wonderful husband offering small businesses and startups a consistent brand from printed collateral to online presence. After living on the west coast for 10 years and starting a family we made our way back to the east coast.

Being creative is more than just a hobby, it is my passion. I never go anywhere without my favorite pens and a sketchbook. Most of my designs begin with pen & paper and end up digitized (pixelated) for a variety of applications. When I step away from the computer, I'm on my sewing machine, or painting (acrylics on canvas) or playing video games (all time favorite Half-Life).

For those who'd love to know what Tellamatic means:

TELLA comes from my name QuinTELLA and MATIC comes from autoMATIC, my love for art, design and the creative process comes automatic to me. From pencil to pixel.

If you would like to view more of my graphic design portfolio not related to surface pattern design, licensing inquiries, or collaboration projects contact me directly at:

contact.tellamatic at gmail (dot) com